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about us



John Wooden once famously said, "Things work out best for those who make the best of the way things work out". Much to that same accord, Saurabh has an inspiring story to tell. From his humble origins growing up in a small heritage town of Jodhpur to traveling the world far and beyond before moving back to India, it has been an incredible journey for him so far.

Despite his early success, in areas of Enterprise Printing, Venture Capital and Real Estate did not deter him to take the path of being an entrepreneur. He decided to follow his dream to empower young businesses and create a belief in the heart of young individuals. He is an investor who turned into an entrepreneur with a zeal to transform traditional businesses into modern enterprises by encouraging and adapting to innovation and impacting the lives of people around him. 

RISHAB JAIN/ Co-founder

Rishab is a catalyst, a creative thinker who spearheads projects to receive a significant ROI.  Rishab majored in Civil Engineering, obtaining a Bachelor of Engineering from the BMS College of Engineering. 

Post his bachelor's degree, he decided to venture out on a non-conventional path of being an entrepreneur. Today, he manages all business operations at The Stationer. So far it has been a rewarding experience for him and he is excited for what lies ahead.

our statement

THE STATIONER is an exclusive boutique line of luxury stationery, inspired by modern and graceful designs across art, interiors, fashion, and living. Having opened its virtual doors in 2018, the idea behind its inception was to bring an elegant line of stationery supplies in a market swarmed with products of a primitive character.

We are more than just a stationery brand, we make social stationery which inspires people to connect with each other in a more thoughtful way and more often. We aim to infuse all the creative designs you hunt for on the high street, in magazines or on blogs, straight to you in one curated collection.

Our products complement the décor of modern, living and office spaces, and build a deep fascinating impression in the eyes of the on-looker. 

Express your creativity with our products, and add the silver lining to your desk. With tastefully designed products, not only do we make working fun but also gifting, a simple choice.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us, we are always here to help.

We hope to make you smile or look at the most mundane products in a new, and fonder, light.